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Virtus Motors Pvt. Ltd. is an electric vehicle solutions company based out of India. We launched our first product offering, Alpha eBike in July 2018, and is one of India's most advanced eBike currently available in the market. The eBike can be pedalled or be propelled forward by battery power with the help of an electric motor.  

Alpha eBike Vision 

The Alpha is an ideal companion for everyday commute. It has been designed with style, comfort and safety in mind. It is great to beat the everyday traffic while making a bold statement about being environmentally conscious. It is also an alternate mobility solution to cyclists, who are bored of the conventional cycle and the hard saddle seats. The Alpha eBike provides a more leisurely seating position coupled with a wide multi layered seat for a comfortable journey. 

The Alpha eBike is a result of what people want. The Bicycle was our first taste of freedom. Being able to explore the colony and neighbourhood, popping wheelies, impressing the opposite gender, all in a day’s adventure with friends. That love never faded, 2 wheels became a lifelong passion. We wanted to achieve a design that reflects and reminisce us of the same freedom, the same love whilst making it easier, fun and pleasurable for any age group.

We knew exactly what people wanted from our extensive surveys, and we spent countless hours on designing The Alpha. Over 100 sketches, 40 design iterations and countless hours on CAD iterations and FEA analysis later we perfected our final design and built our prototype.

Inspired by the retro 70's and 80's ‘Monkey Bike’ design,

The Alpha is our contribution to make the world better.


Virtus Motors Vision 

At Virtus Motors, our vision is to build transportation solutions that are smart and sustainable. By sustainable, we mean being as sustainable as possible throughout the product life cycle and throughout our supply chain, by using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials and sustainable processes. 

Virtus Motors Services

At Virtus we specialise in design and development of electric mobility solutions. The Alpha is just one example of our in-house design and development capabilities for battery management system, battery pack design, fast charging solution, component design, vehicle design and manufacturing. All our batteries and battery packs are certified, and we work with an extensive network of certified manufacturing and vendor partners to build solutions and products that powered by electricity. 

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