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Electric Bicycle Fleets

Promote Health, Wellness and Sustainability

Electric Bicycle Fleets is a Virtus Motors initiative to help groups and organisations promote sustainable transport.
We are promoting the use of electric bikes as tools to create easy of commuting, enhance fun and add to enjoyable experiences.


Office And Campus eBikes

If your company has a large campus with multiple buildings that your employees need to move between during their work day, then, our electric bikes will save you time, increase staff productivity and better the overall happiness index with a little exercise.

Create an active, eco-friendly and convenient work and environment that your employees will love. Most importantly, you don’t need charging stations! Our electric cycles come with removable battery packs that considerable reduce the initial

Corporate Gifting

Rewards are a very important component for employee happiness and is now a large part of a company’s culture. They are a way to recognise all of the hard work, enthusiasm and positive spirit that teams bring to work. What counts more than the reward is the thought that goes into the reward.

This R&R season, Reward your best with electric bikes! Not only are these eco-friendly, but are a great way to exercise (with pedal assist), whilst being convenient (with the electric mode)!

Celebrate Milestones

Celebrate your company's milestones with beautiful branded and customised Alpha Electric cycles. This gifting season, give a thoughtful, eco-conscious gift of convenience and adventure in one package!

We will work with you on crafting the perfect customised gift to make your celebration unforgettable!

Travel & Tourism

Be a better host

Customize any of our Electric bike models with your own hotel, or resort or BnB logo to standout from competition. 
Use bikes to attract new customers and create memorable experiences for your guests and let them use the electric bikes to experience, explore and enjoy without limits.
Most importantly, you don’t need charging stations! Our electric cycles come with removable battery packs that considerable reduce the initial

Tour Operator

Are you a trip planner or tour operator? Looking to give your customers the edge in their next trip? Be it a heritage walk or a food crawl or a ride up to see the next sunset or view point- we have you covered. Now create trips that offer your clientele ease of travel.
What’s more? These trips can be far more inclusive. Kids, senior citizens and non-walkers can enjoy
the sights and sounds in otherwise difficult to reach areas with our battery-operated electric cycles that are completely eco-friendly and convenient to use for areas demarked for vehicular traffic.


Apartment Complexes/RWAs

Give your residents a new before experience. Get electric bicycles for easy commute between towers, to the shopping complex or just as an easy way to socialise and exercise.
What’s more? It helps you keep up with the green and sustainability goals you might have set up for yourself.


Schools, Colleges & Institutions

Have large campuses? Faculty and students wasting precious time in walking from one building to the other? Give them the motivation to make that extra trip to the library or the ease to reach the mess from their hostel.
Ensure no student has an excuse ever again to be late for class. Get an electric cycle fleet for your campus today. They are easy to use, faster, convenient and completely nature friendly.

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