Ride Safe. Use Responsibly.

Virtus Motors has a vision to change the way people move, and it is our fundamental belief that every ride and every trip must focus on safety. A safe ride to us means every person using a Virtus Motors Electric Vehicle considers the environment, operates their vehicle under control and utilises shared space within the local city rules and regulations.


Before you hit the road, take a minute to read a few general safety tips that can help you keep yourself and others safe wherever you ride.

start slow


If you are new to Electric bikes, start slow! e-Bikes have power and torque which is different from regular vehicles.
Get accustomed to using e-Bikes slowly.


wear a helmet

Experts believe that safe riding begins with wearing a helmet. We agree. Always wear a helmet. It's the best way to contribute to a safe ride

brake early


Brake early and gradually. Use both brakes at once. Our e-Bikes are fitted with disc brakes, don't brake suddenly unless absolutely necessary.


follow rules

Follow your local traffic traffic law while your ride jet. Stop for pedestrians, ride in the direction of traffic and use signals if you plan to change directions. Stop at red lights and stop signs.




Look out for cars, people, pets and unicorns. Be conscious of vehicles around you and avoid riding in their blindspots. Look and listen and be aware of your surroundings. 


be in


Always have both hands on the handlebar. No stunts on the vehicles. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

sharing &



Follow the local laws of your city, they are meant to keep you safe. Care for your environment and others. Share the roadways with others responsibly. Go with the flow and pace yourself while riding to have an enjoyable ride.

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keep battery charged

Only use a charger rated for your battery to avoid overheating and causing damage or a fire. Read battery safety tips for more details on how to use the battery safely.  

Safety and collaboration

Virtus Motors will work with cities and government agencies to implement smart safety regulations and support the creation of infrastructure that promotes and enhances transportation options for electric vehicles.