Warranty Policy

Virtus Motors Pvt. Ltd. guarantees each new Alpha electric bicycle frame and electric parts against defects in workmanship and materials.

Electric Bicycles  :

The bicycle frame is guaranteed for life,  and electric motor for 1 year, components accessories and controller for 6 months and batteries are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase.

  • This warranty is expressly limited to the replacement or repair of the defective frame, or defective parts and is the sole remedy of the warranty.

  • This warranty applies only to original owners and is not transferrable.

  • Claims under this warranty must be made directly to Virtus Motors Pvt Ltd.

  • Proof of purchase is mandatory.

  • The warranty does not cover product failure due to normal use with “no customer induced failure” and no customer modifications, damage or failure due to an accident, misuse or abuse, or neglect.

  • Modification of the frame or components shall void this warranty.

  • Replacement or repair of parts under warranty will be provided at no additional charges except for your cost of shipping it to Virtus Motors.

  • Please contact Virtus Motors Pvt Ltd (info@virtusmotors.in) to obtain a service request number and shipping instructions, and to determine if this warranty is applied to your case.

  • We cannot accept warranty claims that have not been authorized by us.

  • Under no special circumstances shall Virtus Motors Pvt Ltd be liable for any special incidental, indirect or punitive damages for any consequential damages, even if Virtus Motors Pvt Ltd knows or is informed that such damages are possible.

  1. VIRTUS MOTORS PRIVATE LIMITED are warranted against all defects in material and workmanship. Liability under this warranty is only limited to making good of defects arising-solely from use to faulty material or workmanship during manufacture and developing under proper use. We are not responsible for any other direct or indirect problem arising from battery fault.

  2. The right to determine whether a battery needs repair, rectification, free replacement rests with the company

  3. Period 24 months include transit (To & Fro) and stocking at dealer end.

  4. The defective battery arising out of the replacement under this warranty will become the property of the company and no scrap rebate will be given for it.

  5. The warranty period on the battery being replaced free of cost shall commerce from the date of sale of the original battery as stated in the original warranty format and not from the date of replacement given.

  6. The charging system and electrical circuit of vehicle shall be checked by the company authorized personnel or dealer before finalizing settlement of any warranty claims.

  7. All liabilities under this warranty shall cease if the battery is :

  • Transferred to a third party or any other vehicle

  • Used in any application other than that specified in the companys application chart

  • Damaged due to fitment of additional accessories in vehicles other than original fitment.

Out of warranty period

  1. Warranty will be handled by Virtus Motors Private Limited directly from their office at Noida, to provide better and timely after sales service, we will give advance replacement at company discretion.

  • This warranty does not cover:

  • Damages to the battery caused by accident, fire, faulty electrical systems, improper handling, services of the battery by unauthorized dealer / auto electricians, willful abuse, destruction of fire, collision, theft or recharging.

  • Breakage of container and cover or breakage / deformation of terminal due to mechanical shocks like hammering.

  • Battery fitted in any other application

  1. Adjudication and settlement of claim will take 10 days as the battery has to be tested for the reported failure.

  2. Virtus Motors will bear one side freight for battery replacement in first 12 months.

  3. Virtus Motors will repair / replace faulty batteries in warranty period but if the battery is not found faulty, customer will bear Rs. 1000 testing and handling charges

  4. Virtus Motors will charge for broken cabinet at Rs. 1800 and replacement of socket at Rs. 200/- in warranty period

  5. Warranty will be void if the battery is:

  • Used for carrying more than permissible load

  • Used for stunts, competitions or gaming or other type of abusive riding.

  • Not serviced from authorised service center

  • Repaired or spare part replaced from non-authorised source.

  • Power train components found tampered or seal found broken

  • Modified / altered for any specific use other than that the vehicle is meant for

  • Damaged due to natural or manmade calamities such as flood, fire, falling objects, accidents etc.

  • Non-functional due to natural wear and tear, ageing, misuse or negligence.

  • Warranty void if usage of vehicle mis declared

Battery Packs:

Sign performance parameters of the batteries

  1. Actual mileage of new battery may be lower because of factors such as road conditions, gradients, start stops, acceleration, charge level etc.

  2. Batteries are like fuel for your electric cycle and start getting consumed with time e.g. the mileage on day one will be the highest and day 180 will be comparatively lower and day 360 will be lower as compared to day 180 and so n this is a natural phenomenon of the electric bike batteries.


Natural performance of the batteries

  1. Range: The mileage depends on many variable factors such as road conditions, temperature, traffic density, tyre pressure, road grade, load, driving style and the condition of vehicle and battery maintenance. The mileage will reduce as battery is consumed.

  2. The batteries are warranted against any manufacturing defects only and not against normal deterioration in the mileage and the conditions of your e-bike battery can deteriorate more if any of the steps mentioned in battery health tips.


Warranty with Lithium ion battery

  1. Virtus Motors Private Limited provide 24-month warranty on Li-Ion batteries.

  2. Obligations: If any manufacturing defect(s) are observed in any electric cycle in warranty period as mentioned, Virtus Motors Private Limited’s only obligation is to repair or replace defective part with new parts or equivalent at no cost to the customer for part or labor when Virtus Motors Private Limited acknowledges that such malfunction is caused due to faulty material or workmanship during manufacturing. The company’s decision to replace or repair the affected part will be final. In the event of replacement of part(s), the company reserves the right to use part of the same brand as the affected part or any other brand which is used by the company in the course of manufacture. All replaced parts under warranty will become the property of the company and must be returned to the company.

  3. Important Condition Related to Battery Warranty


  • Warranty of batteries is for 2 years, based on the conditions mentioned.

  • The batteries are warranted against manufacturing defects and abnormal drop in Ah values from date of ale and not against normal deterioration in their performance.

  • Battery warranty does not cover failures due to accidental damage, misuse or improper care of the batteries.

  • Regular servicing of your electric bike at our authorised service station is extremely important. During the service, battery are also checked for their state of health and corrective action can stop any further damage or permanent damage. Warranty will cease if service is not undertaken at least two times in year.

  • The electric cycle battery is special application battery meant only electric cycles. Do not use electric cycle battery for any other application or product.

  • Batteries must be kept as cool as possible to ensure long life and good performance. Batteries become abnormally hot and start to bulge if vehicle is driven under overloaded condition for long distances, under direct sunlight, charged immediately after use, if kept charging for long period of time even after fully charged.

  • The battery warranty becomes null and void in case the conditions above are not followed adequately and completed by the customer.

  • These batteries like any other batteries are consumable and its capacity will reduce as the battery ages.

  • Some electric cycle manufacturers may have their own battery warranty policy in such cases the battery policy of the manufacturer will supersede the above battery policy and warranty will directly be provided by the manufacturer to the customer.

  • Above warranty policy is applicable only for new vehicle fitted with new lithium-ion battery set sold first to customer.

  • For availing warranty for battery, the customer will have to handover the defective batteries on FOC basis to Virtus Motors Private Limited.

  • The battery will be recycled as per Government of India regulations.

  • Warranty of replaced battery will be from original date of purchase.

  • Please not scrap/used batteries has to be returned to our authorised dealer only, they are not to be scrapped to a local vendor.



  1. Display meter, input/output cable, charging/discharging socket will not be included in the warranty and will be charged for repairs/replacement.

Electric Conversions, Kits and Accessories:

  1. Any e-cycle conversion kit fitted at Virtus Motors authorised centers or self fitted will not be covered under any kind of warranty including the battery

  2. All e-cycle conversion kit and its components will be purchased and fitted at customer risk only

  3. By choosing to convert your cycle to electric, you lose the right to ask Virtus Motors Private Limited from all claim from the original cycle manufacturer

  4. If the e-cycle is converted by our authorised partner, you have 2 calendar days from date of delivery to test the vehicle and to raise a concern if any, post 2 calendar day grace period, all service will be charged at Rs. 550 per visit for inspection, any spares used or changed will be at additional cost. 

  5. It is the customers responsibility to fully check their cycle after conversion, and Virtus Motors Private Limited will not be held accountable or liable for any claims

  6. Virtus Motors Private Limited will not be held liable for any defects, delays or faults arising from any electric conversion

  7. Virtus Motors Private Limited is not liable for any damage claims whatsoever 

Virtus Motors Private Limited, reserves the right to change/withdraw any clause of warranty policy without prior information or notification.

All disputes are subject to Haryana Jurisdiction only.